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      Welcome to Business Directory Listings

      This business directory was created to make public searches easier and to give business owners a powerful inbound link to their website.

      With over 15 years experience and dedication to being the best we can guarantee that having a link from this directory will help your business in many ways.

      For any business where you are getting over a million search returns for what you do or sell you need to be very good to get in the top ten.
      Having a quality link strategy from a site Google ranks highly greatly helps.

      We offer a range of business directory services to suit all needs ranging from our totally free service for businesses who do not have a web site to our premium service.

      We have tried to keep everything at management level and used non technical speak to explain how and why. From the links on the right you can find the facts on:

      Why a business directory helps

      Explains why having a link to your website from this directory helps your business website.

      Which business listing is best for you

      Here we detail what we offer and why so you can get the most from your business directory listing. Many companies don't have a website and only need the free listing. Many others however have established a good link strategy but have a website that in many cases looks good but has underlying code problems that stops their site from getting the benefits of a good link strategy.

      Search engine optimisation myths

      Essentially here we explain the most common myths. We also explain how those spam emails that promise you the earth work. In summary we expands on why over 95% of people who claim to know what they are talking about are simply guessing or purposefully misleading people when it comes to search engine optimisation. Are we trying to sell you something? Well no actually we just want to point you in the right direction so you don't waste your time and money by building a good internet link strategy. We also know that a quality website in combination with a solid link strategy will keep you using our site.

      Search engine optimisation facts

      Here we explain what you need to know at management level. After reading this you will be able to look at your site and see why you are not ranking anywhere for what you do or sell.

      In summary we want to sell our premium service and some businesses have also got us to rebuild their sites so they are search engine compliant but our prime concern is that no matter how good a link strategy you build you will not get anywhere with a site that looks good but is badly coded and the coding is what the search engine looks at. That is why our advice is genuine, we want to keep you as a customer within this directory.


      Thank you for your time,


      David Fullstone BSc (Hons) EngTech MInstRE

      Owner of Business Directory Listings

      Business Directory Registration options

      Basic listing

      This is typically used by traders and individuals who do not have a website. There is no cost for this category of listing. This business directory listing will show your company information, location and telephone number.

      Standard listing

      This listing is for small businesses who want a standard link exchange. Although you will get more benefit from this exchange due to how powerful our directory is with Google we still give this service for free. In the registration section you will see an input box "URL Listed On". In this input box enter the location on your website where you have placed the code:

      <a href="">business directory</a>

      Our spider will search to see if this code is on your site and if found a link to your website will become visible in your listing.

      Priority listing

      The difference here between this and the standard listing is that for a minimal fee you will come higher than other companies in your category who have opted for a basic link exchange. This benefits you both from how the public finds you on our site and how Google prioritises the link to your website. The cost for this listing is £60 per year. There is no requirement to link back to our directory from your website with this listing.

      Premium listing

      With this listing you get four key phrases linking to your website. This help by allowing you to cover a wider range of search terms that Google will associate with your website. With this listing you also come higher than any other category. With a premium listing we also offer a health check on your website. This we have found is often essential as there is no point in having four inbound links from a high quality directory when your website is not Google friendly. In other words just because your site looks good does not mean that Google will like the coding. The cost for this listing is £150 per year.

      This service includes:

      1. All of the features in the standard listing.
      2. Priority listing within this business directory.
      3. Four links to your website with anchor text (text in a link that's clicked) of your choice.
      4. A website health check where we will give you a report on what can be done to improve your website's underlying coding.
      5. Screening of your entry in this business directory to make sure you have everything just right within the page.

      Bespoke listing

      If you have any requirements that are not listed above then please do contact us for more information.

      To register now select the Register button at the top right of this website.

      About this business directory and how we operate

      Business directory listings was put together by search engine optimisation and database experts who also enjoy the graphic design aspects of the web.

      This business directory has two primary roles.

      Client searches

      The postcode location in combination with search radius and business type has been optimised for speed and ease of use to encourage potential customers to use this site to find your business. For clients our main aim was to keep this site crisp, clean, clutter free and very fast.

      Business owner listings

      For business owners this business directory has two roles. The primary role for using this business directory for business owners is to have an inbound linke from a site that Google has built up a lot of respect for over the years which is why we are No 1 for business directory listings. The second role is of course to get you business by the public being able to find you easily in a directory that is very popular with the search engines which is why you are hear after having found us.

      How it works

      1. Our site is very well established and conforms to everything that the search engines love.
      2. This in turn ensures that Google will read what we have to say about you and take a link to your site very seriously.
      3. A good solid link back to your site ensure that as far as Google is concerned the text that anyone can click on that takes them to your site describes what your site is about.

      Search engine optimisation is a very complex process and we have approx 287 factors we use that all add up to getting us and our clients high in the search engines. A solid link strategy from a directory that ranks highly in Google is one of the best things to have.

      Common myths about search engine optimisation

      1. There are no short cuts. Google is very clever at staying ahead of the game.
      2. You will hear various 'experts' state it's about meta tags and various other factors and you may read various books, articles etc on the subject but think about this..... When you have hundreds of thousands or millions of returns coming back where most people don't go past the first page in Google you have to ask yourself this. Are you really think you are going to be able to beat at Min hundreds of thousands of returns with basic knowledge.

      Some facts about search engines

      1. Search engines are very clever and change their algorithms regularly.
      2. 95% of companies who claim to be good at search engine optimisation aren't good at what they do which is why so many companies have to rely on paid adverts coming up randomly in Google's ad-words section or using social media. Never use companies who rely on social media as they never know much about the web and are only using this tactic as they can't work out how to get you top in the best location, Google's natural listings which is the first place anyone goes to when they need something.

      Business directory articles

      The above articles have been put together to help you make the best choice for your business and to help you understand all the aspcts that come together to get the form of marketing on the web.